R Script on SQL Server

SQL Server 2016 introduced R Services for database developers so that R scripts can be executed within SQL codes on a SQL Server database.

In-Database Machine Learning Services on SQL Server 2017 enables data engineers to work with R scripts and Python scripts on an existing SQL Server instance.

So SQL developers can start immediately working with R and Python to learn and dive into machine learning services on a SQL Server 2017 database, just as I did.

I have been working with R on SQL Server 2017 Developer Edition for a while and learning basics about executing R scripts on a database. First I started with istalling In-Database Machine Learning Services and R compounds and then installed Python on SQL Server instance. Some basic steps for enabling execution of external scripts was the following step.

Since then I got myself familiar with sp_execute_external_script stored procedure dealing with input ad output parameters for passing and returning variables to R and Python scripts from SQL codes.

An other important step for learning R and Python is learning which library will be used on which case.




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